The Fantasy Football Trade Analyzer is ready!

It’s finally ready, you can use this tool to help you understand if the trade is good or bad for your team based on the potential overall value of the player(s) in the trade.

Fantasy Football Trade Analyzer


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  1. Mcfadden and Roethlisberger for Stafford and Fred Jackson is the trade. Fair or unfair? Whose getting the better deal?

    Big O / Reply
    • Jackson will probably have a couple good games, and McFadden won’t have any. I would muchhhhhhhh more rather Big Ben over Stafford.

      Josh / Reply (in reply to Big O)
  2. Doug Martin for Chris Johnson?

    Ola / Reply
  3. d martin and r williams for r mathews in a ppr league and flex and r williams is starter

    nick / Reply
  4. Rivers n MJD for Peyton Manning n AP?

    mike g / Reply
  5. Calvin johnson for steve smith and ahmad bradshaw

    Steve O / Reply

    Anonymous / Reply
  7. Gronk and D Moore for E. Decker, M. Leshore. and D Keller. even?

    Tommy K / Reply
  8. Miles Austin for Wes Welker?

    MP / Reply
  9. Trent Richardson , Heath miller for Brandon marshal. I have Trent and heath

    Joey / Reply
  10. 1

    1 / Reply
  11. 1

    -1' / Reply
  12. Your missing Giovani Bernard in your analyzer tool

    Anthony / Reply
  13. Giving Pierre Garcon.
    Getting Antonio Brown.

    DO it?

    TDB / Reply
  14. i have dmc and wes welker for trent Richardson and ty Hilton. is it a good trade

    gordo / Reply
  15. Vincent Jackson


    Steve smith

    Ff / Reply
  16. Giving CJ Spiller – Wes Welker
    Getting LeSean McCoy – Jordan Cameron

    Anonymous / Reply
  17. Trade – b Marshall for d Williams and Moreno
    Fair trade? Who has the better of this trade

    Jeffrey Nickel / Reply
  18. Trading C Newton for T Brady
    I have Gronk waiting to return

    Rob P / Reply
  19. Larry Fitzgerald and Ryan Matthews FOR Chris Johnson and Mike Williams

    Matt / Reply
  20. Peyton and d. Thomas for Peterson and Wayne?

    JOE / Reply
  21. Doug Martin and gronk for knows hon Moreno and josh Gordon

    Anonymous / Reply
  22. Looking to trade Chris Johnson RB, Nick Foles QB, Hakeem Nicks WR, and Jordan Reed TE for Matt Stafford QB and Andre Johnson. Week 11. Am I over shooting?

    TJ / Reply
  23. Should I trade Knile Davis and Vincent Jackson for Randall Cobb?

    I have LeSean McCoy, Le’Evon Bell, Mark Ingram, Pierre Thomas, and Ryan Mathews as my RB’s

    I have Aj Green, Michael Floyd, and Kendall Wright as my WR’s

    Any suggestions would be appreciated!

    Anonymous / Reply
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