Fantasy Football Matchups: Start em or Sit em

Not sure if you start em or sit em? Fantasy Football Matchup: start em or sit em is here to help.

Enter the names here, one by one, of the fantasy football players (it can be your team or any player) and then click or tab the name when you see it

This will tell you the strength of the Opposite Defense vs. that player(s) position.

Enter Player Name here

Players list

Let us know what you think about the Fantasy Football Matchups: Start em or Sit em by entering a comment. Did you enjoy the start em or sit em tool ?


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  1. Will use this to select who’ll start sit… keep you posted..

    Cant Cut List /
  2. I’ve got a start em sit em question for flex – I have Daniel Thomas, Earnest Graham, and DHB. I would start thomas but the injury is worrying me. Who do you like?

    John /
  3. Daniel Thomas is hurt and playing on Monday, I would think twice about starting him.

    The clear choice would be DHB. He has very little competition and is going against the CLE secondary.

    Admin /
  4. Quick question. Should I start R.White who is playing against DET or play A.Boldin who is playing against JAC? I already have M.Wallace in the line up. This is a non ppr, 2 WR w/ no flex league.

    Poleen /
  5. Hi Poleen,

    Close call, but I would go with R. White. Specially since Julio Jones might not play.

    Admin /
  6. i have jimmy graham and aaron hernandez which one would you trade

    chris /
  7. Trade Aaron Hernandez, he has to compete with Rob Gronkowski for touches.

    Admin /
  8. I need to pick up a defense this week. Buffalo and Cincy are on waivers . Who would be the better option?

    Scott /
  9. Hi Scott,

    CIN, they are playing SEA, which should be a soft match-up.

    Admin /

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