Fantasy Football Trade Advice

Fantasy Football trades are not always very straight forward, it’s not easy knowing when to trade away your players or when to keep them. The following is advice that can hopefully help you make a better decision:

4. Check the bye weeks of the players that you are getting

Having half of your starters with the same bye week can really hurt you. If you do have such a gap, at least make sure that the bye week is not during the play-off time when it can destroy your season.

Bottom line: Check the schedule of the players that you are giving trading away.

3. Be careful when trading with a team that’s on top of the standings

Now, I am not saying that you should not make a trade with a team that’s number one or two in your league, but make sure not to give away a player that has a very soft matchup during your play-off period.

Remember, if you are going to make the play-offs then you will probably face off with those teams. Having a star player with a soft schedule during your league’s play-off can be a big deal.

Bottom line: Check the matchups of the players that you are trading away

2. Try to trade for top players with soft matchups

Right, so don’t trade away players with soft matchups during the play-off, but if you don’t have any of those players then try to trade for them.

Bottom line: Check the matchups and the teams of the players you are trying to get in a trade.

1. Make sure not to overload on player’s that play in the best teams

Keep in mind, some of the star players get the last couple of weeks off to rest when their team clinches the play-off, this is mostly the case for players in teams with excellent records. This makes them worthless to you during those crucial weeks when you are trying to win it all. In this scenario it is very beneficial to trade those players away for some equal value.

Bottom line: Try to stay away from players that will probably be rested during the last couple of weeks.