Creating a Fantasy Football Trade

When it comes to creating trade in Fantasy Football, you can use the following process to quickly search for a potential opportunity:

Always review the league’s transaction log

A team owner that keeps picking up players at a certain position is probably looking for a stable source of points at that position, it is unlikely that the free agents are going to cut it, see if you have a spare player at that position and if he has a player that interests you.

Are there any teams that have suffered injuries recently?

If the injury was suffered by a starters and the team doesn’t have a suitable replacement then it is very likely that he is eager to make a trade for a quality player at that position. Don’t wait, quickly initiate the trade if he has something that interests you.

Are there any teams that are weak at a certain position?

Maybe a team is filled with healthy player, but it could still be thin at a certain position. That normally happens when the team’s owner concentrate on one or two certain positions, unless team’s draft was horrible, and it is very likely that he has extra players at that position. For example, assume that the player has a lot of quality WRs but weak RBs, if you happen to be searching for a good WR and can spare a RB then propose a trade.

Of course always check that the trade is beneficial for you with the trade analyzer before you submit a trade.